Local Artists and Vendors

Text Box: Abby Diamond
Abby Diamond creates colorful collages she refers to as "torn-paper mosaics". Combining method and theory learned from oil, watercolor and Chinese brush painting, her evocative landscapes are pure expressions of color, layer, shape and texture.

The following pictures are just samples of the beautiful and interesting pieces

created by our local artists.

Please contact us for details on other pieces that are available and the prices for each.

(818) 352-3420

Text Box: Elkpen 
Elkpen tells stories about neighborhoods and natural history. Her socially conscious work provokes thoughtful reflection about the natural vs. the man-made environment. Elkpen's drawings, signs, and murals have been shown and installed worldwide.
Text Box: LetHer Press 
Heather Van Haaften is an award-winning graphic designer who creates visual stories using wooden fonts, metal typefaces and vintage zinc engravings. All LetHer Press original designs are hand type-set and printed on 100% cotton paper using a 1902 Chandler & Price press.
Text Box: Matousek Glassworks 
The husband and wife team of Shelley and Steve Matousek comprise Matousek Glassworks. Shelley is a fused glass artist, while Steve focuses on creating blown glass art. Their collaborations take shape when Shelley fuses a patterned design and Steve continues the process by blowing it into a completed piece.
Text Box: Shelley Matousek 
Shelley Matousek's passion for basketry developed from a love of recycling. She uses California natives and other organic materials in many of her works, often embellishing them with additional earthy elements. She first included gourds as part of the basketry, but now her  gourds stand as an art form in and of themselves.
Text Box: Michelle Valigura
Michelle Valigura is a sculptor with a primary focus on ceramics. In addition to lecturing and teaching workshops, she has exhibited her work at galleries, museums and universities worldwide. 
Text Box: Bill's Bees Honey
100% raw honey from our local mountains in Little Tujunga Canyon. Unfiltered and unprocessed - just the way the bees made it! 
Text Box: Bill's Bees Beeswax Soap
This old-fashioned, handmade, cold-process soap is crafted from scratch and aged for at least three weeks before being hand-cut. These soaps are all vegetable oil-based, with no artificial colors added. Beeswax makes a harder, longer-lasting, finer textured soap with an especially rich lather. 
Text Box: Theodore Payne Foundation Heritage Seeds
The Theodore Payne Foundation was established in 1960, "to promote, preserve and restore California landscapes, and habitats, to propagate and make available California native plants and wildflowers, and to educate and acquire knowledge about California flora and natural history". We proudly stock a selection of TPF's native wildflower heritage seed packets.