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Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy,

forget in time that men have died to win them.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In the archives of Bolton Hall Museum, there exist three binders containing information on members of our community who have served in the military.† We call this our Veteranís Registry.†

We currently have information on over one hundred and fifty Veterans.† Any member of our community, past or present, who has served in the military, during war or peacetime, is welcome to become part of the registry.††

A Veteranís Registry form needs to be completed.† This form asks for general information about the Veteran: name, address, branch, military unit, dates of service, any special ribbons, medals or honors.†

We especially want photos, newspaper clippings or other special items about the Veteran.† We also would like the Veteran or their family to tell us stories about their military service.††

If you are a Veteran or a member of your family served in the military, please consider entering the information into our Veteranís Registry.† A pdf of the form is available below or you can come into BHM during regular hours and our docents will assist you.

The great freedom we enjoy in the United States of America is not free.† We are grateful to all those who have served or are serving our Country.†

Text Box: Honoring Those Who Have Served