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Saturday, September 10th, 2022

1:00 PM

Bolton Hall Museum

10110 Commerce Avenue in Tujunga

Parking available uphill at the Elks Lodge

Everyone is Welcome

 Free Admission

Suggested Donation: $3 per person

Burro Flats

The general public has been aware of the beautiful polychrome pictographs at the “Burro Flats” site for many years. Most people, however, are not aware that there are well-over 150 other archaeological sites in the Burro Flats area, including numerous Chumash, Western Ranching Tradition, and Space Age/Cold War period sites.

The Burro Flats paintings, which are listed  on the National Register of Historic Places, are located at the 2,850 acre former Santa Susana Field Laboratory, part of which is owned by the North American Land Trust and managed by the Boeing Company, and part of which is owned by the United States General Accounting Office and managed by NASA.

Our speaker for this program is Al Knight.   Al has over 40 years experience in archaeological, anthropological, and historic fieldwork, research, and writing. He has lived in the San Fernando Valley for most of his life and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology in 1983 from UC Santa Barbara. In 1996 he was recognized as a Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Anthropology Department Research Associate.  Al has participated in over 250 projects in Southern California and is the author of numerous published and unpublished reports.

Knight will present a power-point program on his research in the area, over the last quarter century.

The Burro Flats Painted Cave main panel, painting by Gwen Romani.